SPH says: “cease the chase”

SPH SAYS: ““We are often so busy chasing something that we think will bring us happiness– a relationship, status, money, beauty, adventure, etc., that we forget that nothing on this earth is going to BRING us lasting happiness.  These things bring us temporary highs and the illusion of happiness, but our dependence on them also […]

SPH says: “choose to create”

 “We have the power to create the here-and-now moments of our lives by choosing where we focus our attention.” ~Shelly Prillerman Harrell  

carry joy (A FOCUSandFLOW QuotePic)

“If you carry joy in your heart, you can heal any moment.” ~Carlos Santana The FOCUSandFLOW Life Question: What do you carry in your heart? SPH says: “Release any negativity that is poisoning your heart and blocking your joy.”  ~Shelly Prillerman Harrell

SPH says: “each moment is a gift”

“Each moment, each hour, each day of out lives are precious gifts. Act accordingly.” ~Shelly Prillerman Harrell