build the new (A FOCUSandFLOW QuotePic)

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”  ~Dan Millman

The FOCUSandFLOW Life Question:
What will you build in 2017?

SPH says:
“The past does not change. What is done is done.  This fact of life is pretty obvious, yet many of us allow past hurts, mistakes, and unwanted circumstances to occupy entirely too much space in our hearts and minds.  We sometimes carry the past with us into the here-and-now of our lives in ways that take time and energy away from having the best NOW. Enough of that! Ruminating and rehashing will never enable us to go back and make the past happen in a different way.  So as you begin 2017, decide how much time and energy you are willing to give to the past, w
hat aspects can serve as lessons and insights, and what you will create and build in those additional minutes and hours of your precious life that you will not be spending in the past.”   ~Shelly Prillerman Harrell

SPH says: “touch lives”

It is through our vulnerability and humility that we touch people’s lives in ways that highlight our shared humanity and make a lasting impact in the hearts and minds of others.”  ~Shelly Prillerman Harrell

interwoven lives (A FOCUSandFLOW QuotePic)

“What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.”  ~Pericles

The FOCUSandFLOW Life Question:
What is your life weaving into the lives of others?

SPH says:
“We may not say the perfect thing or be our best selves in every moment. These moments of our humanness do not need to be engraved in stone nor define what we leave behind.  However, we must take responsibility for making things right when we err. Our willingness to engage in relationship recovery efforts, to actively participate in healing relational woundedness, our attempts to connect through our shared human experience, and to foster mutual understanding– these are what linger most powerfully.  These things will ultimately mean more, last longer and become woven into the interconnected nature of human relationships over time.  It is through our vulnerability and humility that we touch people’s lives in ways that highlight our shared humanity and make a lasting impact in the hearts and minds of others.”  ~Shelly Prillerman Harrell

SPH says: “be an enlightening presence”

“Be such an enlightening presence with others that they can feel the love and the joy and the emergent wisdom of their own inner radiance.”  

~Shelly Prillerman Harrell

light new light (A FOCUSandFLOW QuotePic)

“Let your presence light new light in the hearts of others.”  ~Mother Teresa

The FOCUSandFLOW Life Question:
Does your presence bring light to others?

SPH says:
“Be such an enlightening presence with others that they can feel the love and the joy and the emergent wisdom of their own inner radiance.”  ~Shelly Prillerman Harrell

extraordinary destiny (A FOCUSandFLOW QuotePic)

“Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.”  ~C.S. Lewis

The FOCUSandFLOW Life Question:
Will you allow your hardships to be transformed?

SPH says:
“Hardships are part of  the ordinariness of being human, none of us get to escape them. While we must give ourselves space to experience and express our emotions, we cannot allow our hardships to spiral us into the paralyzing depths of despair.  It has been said before, but the ultimate life lesson is to rise each time we fall.  By rising we begin the process of preparation. By rising we make room for the extraordinary to occur through accepting hardship as an opportunity for creative transformation, unexpected doors, and wond
rous adventures.”  ~Shelly Prillerman Harrell

Audio MUSIC FOR THE SOUL: “A Place In The Sun” by Stevie Wonder

I mean who doesn’t love Stevie Wonder??!!!  His music is amazing– deep, soulful, and timeless. This song connects me to my hopes and dreams and reminds me that, while the journey is sometimes difficult, that I must keep purposefully pressing on.  We ALL have that place in the sun that we must keep moving toward. -SPH

“Like a long lonely stream, I keep running towards a dream, moving on, moving on… Like a branch on a tree, I keep reaching to be free, moving on, moving on…There’s a place in the sun where there’s hope for everyone, where my poor restless heart’s gotta run; there’s a place in the sun and before my life is done, gotta find me a place in the sun.”

choose to become (A FOCUSandFLOW QuotePic)

“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.”  ~Carl Jung

The FOCUSandFLOW Life Question:
What do you choose to become?

unexpected miracles (A FOCUSandFLOW QuotePic)

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“We have to take risks. We will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen.”  ~Paul Coelho

The FOCUSandFLOW Life Question:
What is one risk you are willing to take in your life right now?

SPH says:
“We must take risks in order to move from the realm of the status quo to the possibility of transformation, change, and yes… miracles. 
The status quo can be quite comfortable; and comfort is something that we do need in our lives for grounding and stability.  However, we must be careful to assess the nature of the status quo in our lives.  Sometimes the status quo can be so familiar that we become complacent, we close our eyes and become blind to things that are silently destructive or impairing optimal growth. There are times when we need to be willing to live within uncertainty and unfamiliarity and open our eyes to the unexpected.  And BAM…there you are– face to face with a miracle you could have never even imagined. So take the risk of living your life fully, a life filled with both comfort and uncertainty and make room for the unexpected amazingness of miracles. ”  ~Shelly Prillerman Harrell

SPH says: “transform from within”

SPH- centeroftransformation

To change how you are, you must transform who you are…The center of our transformation, individually and collectively, originates within and radiates out.”  ~Shelly Prillerman Harrell