re-create your life (A FOCUSandFLOW QuotePic)

“With every thought we can start to re-create our lives.”  ~Marianne Williamson

The FOCUSandFLOW Life Question:
Where will you focus your thoughts?

SPH says:
“We can have both automatic and intentional thoughts.  Some automatic thoughts are unwanted and there are several things that we can do when they come up: (1) simply acknowledge them and move on, (2) recognize and normalize thought patterns, (3) perseverate and ruminate on them, or (4) berate ourselves for having them and try to push them away. The first two help us move forward.  The last two keep us stuck.  Being intentional with your thoughts involves training yourself to acknowledge, recognize, and normalize, as well as deciding if it would be useful to further explore the origins and functions of particular thought patterns that you notice. Being intentional also is about choosing where you will focus your mind using strategies to assist you such as dialogue, reading, music, writing, and meditation. These strategies can expand your thoughts and open up amazing possibilities for creating experience and thus re-creating your life with intention and focus.   
 ~Shelly Prillerman Harrell