SPH says: “cease the chase”

SPH- cease the chase

SPH SAYS: ““We are often so busy chasing something that we think will bring us happiness– a relationship, status, money, beauty, adventure, etc., that we forget that nothing on this earth is going to BRING us lasting happiness.  These things bring us temporary highs and the illusion of happiness, but our dependence on them also brings great risk for states of fear and desperation that we will lose them.  Addiction to acquistion is a sure path to the erosion of happiness. Think of what people do and the destructive things that occur in the service of trying to hold on to a relationship that has run its course, or to maintain status or beauty.  Putting energy into desperate attempts to not lose something usually results in losing it.  Think of the moments of precious happiness lost when we spend our time focused on the fear of losing happiness.  The ability to BE happy from the inside is not dependent on other people and processes that we will never be able to completely control.  The amazingness of connecting deeply to another person or the awesomeness of nature, reveling in achieving greatly or in the accomplishments of others, or marveling in the highest expressions of humanity and the miracles of life are all triggers for accessing that inner happy place. But that inner happy place is indeed INNER and external phenomena are just triggers to activate what is already there.  So, cease the chase for things that you become desperate about losing.  Spend some time finding and feeling the happiness that lives within you. Refocus your energies and claim your happy.”  ~Shelly Prillerman Harrell